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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the breakdown of expenses for the campaign? 


Dining Hall and Storm Shelter addition and improvements

$445,000 Raised! Construction is slated to be complete Spring, 2022


New Restroom and Shower building and improvements to existing facilities



Six Additional cabins



Funding for camp maintenance and operations



Total of $1,530,000  

 What is the mission of the camp? 

Camp Patterson is a youth-oriented facility created in 1927 by the Mankato Downtown Kiwanis Club, the oldest and the largest community service organization in Greater Mankato.  The mission of Camp Patterson includes providing and maintaining an affordable lakeside camp facility to area organizations that offer youth summer camp experiences.

 Who owns the camp? 

Camp Patterson, Inc. is the ownership entity of the camp.  The organization is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit.  The Camp Patterson, Inc. Board of Directors includes the following members, who are all past presidents of the Kiwanis Club of Mankato:  President, Shannon Gullickson; Vice-President, Matt Norland; Secretary/Treasurer, John Kind; Board Members: Randy Berkland, Ed Waltman, Laura Stevens.

 How many acres is the camp? 

The camp is comprised of 19.2 acres on the shores of Lake Washington in LeSueur County, Minnesota.

 Who runs the camp? 

The camp is managed by the Camp Patterson Committee, which is a committee of the Kiwanis Club of Mankato.  Committee Co-Chairs are Shannon Sinning and Matt Kearney.  The Kiwanis Club of Mankato employs Camp Superintendents, who live on the camp’s premises.  Longtime Camp Superintendents were Al and Joanne Starke, however, the Starke’s son, Nathan and his wife, Melissa, transitioned into the Superintendent role in the spring of 2020.

 What is the current capacity of the camp? 

Up to 165 Campers and Staff per week

 What would the camp’s capacity grow to after the expansion is completed? 

Up to 225 Campers and Staff per week

 Will the camp’s footprint be expanded as a part of the Capital Campaign? 

No.  The new bathhouse, expanded dining hall and additional cabins would all be built within the current footprint of the camp.

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